Grass Book (w silk thread)


A budapesti VÁROSLIGET. A BME Alkotóhét 2013 ( számára készült “cérnafüves” könyv. A kiadványba az Alkotóhéten résztvevők munkáinak dokumentációja került.

We made this artbook for The Doctoral School of Architecture at the Faculty Of Architecture of the Budapest Univesity of Technology and Economics in ten copy, as a special edition. The yearbook Containes the works of the students of the doctoral shool of arcitectural design.

The book is sewed, and bound with unlined paper. Glued bookjacket. The turf blocks were completely sewed by hand, and glued as a part of the bookjecket.

However we are happy to make you a similar book in other sizes with other colors or other design.

Have a look at our other books here:


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